Make It Count
Screengrab from YouTube video below

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular and recognisable YouTubers on the internet today. He is a content creator currently based in New York and uploads daily vlogs which revolve around his own life and around the development of his new company 368 which are quite interesting to watch.

(Do check him out… He only has about 9.3 million subscribers!)

Casey is originally a film maker though and one of his most popular YouTube videos which has close to 28 million views is called ‘Make It Count’. It is a video that he did for Nike back in 2012 and is one I find quite interesting and inspirational.

The story goes that Nike hired Casey to do a movie for them for a product called Nike+ Fuel Band. The theme of the video was about what it means to make it count. However, instead of making the movie, Casey and his friend Max spent Nike’s entire budget on travelling the world until the money ran out. It took them 10 days to run out of the money! They then used the footage from their world travels to produce Nike’s movie which has become one of the most watched online videos since then.

I really liked the video and, I am not sure if its the motivational quotes included in the video or the fact that Casey had this idea to use Nike’s budget to do something he loved and in turn produce a classic advertisement, but I just find the whole thing quite amazing.

Anyway, here’s the video… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Also, if you are interested, below is a talk by Casey where he talks about his own story and how to be heard. He talks about the story of the above video at 12:21 in case you want to skip to that point (but I would recommend the whole talk!).