Over the years, Australian cricket teams have never been the most liked by fans because of the aggressive way they approach the game. But even though they may not be loved, they have always been respected for just being THAT good. They were aggressive, they were cocky but they were never CHEATS… Or so the world thought anyway!

Cheating and dishonesty have no place in any profession and specially not in international sport where you are representing an entire nation in front of the world.

Whatever about sledging and screaming and acting like an entitled brat but when you cross the line by deliberately trying to gain unfair advantage then you need to have a closer look at yourself in the mirror.

The players involved may have come out, accepted their crime and tried to convince the world that they have never cheated before nor will they ever cheat again but would they have done the same if they had not been caught red-handed? Will we ever know if this was really the first time this happened?

If it was a lesser cricketing nation then the consequences of this heinous act may well have been stricter. The outcry, at least, has been immense and the fall-out must now follow the initial reaction!

A veil has been lifted and the great Aussies must now be held to the same morals as those expected from everyone else playing the sport!