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The rise of Facebook from a Harvard dorm room to the tech behemoth that it is today is a modern day legend and founder/CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been the central character of this success story. The quote above seems to have been first used by Zuckerberg in a letter to investors before Facebook’s IPO in 2012.

Here’s the full passage from the above letter:

Moving fast enables us to build more things and learn faster. However, as most companies grow, they slow down too much because they’re more afraid of making mistakes than they are of losing opportunities by moving too slowly. We have a saying: “Move fast and break things.” The idea is that if you never break anything, you’re probably not moving fast enough.

I am part of the generation that has seen Facebook evolve into one of the biggest brands in the world. What Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook has accomplished since the launch of the website in 2004 is quite phenomenal and the above philosophy truly seems to be at the heart of Facebook’s growth.

I have always found the “Move fast and break things” philosophy both inspirational and thought provoking. The meaning I derive from it is that we need to take the opportunities that we are presented with without worrying about failing or making mistakes. The fear of failure cripples us from doing the things that we want to do so if we keep holding ourselves back and don’t take action in the right moment then we are unlikely to ever “break things” and may simply never succeed in the way we want to.

Life is very short and we need to shape our own destiny by making the most of any chance that life gives us to showcase our talents and ideas. Heck! We also often need to create our own openings and moving fast gives us the best chance of doing so.

I firmly believe that to succeed at anything in life, you firstly need to be good at the particular thing, next, you need to find the opportunities to show your abilities and, finally, you need to be smart enough to seize the opportunities that come your way…

…Move fast and break things!

These are my thoughts on one of the most used quote of modern times. What do you make of this? Let me know in the comments below!