6 pm

Man on the phone: “Hey, I’ll be working late again today. Please have dinner and put the kids to bed. I will see you in a few hours.” 

Woman on the other end: “Working late again? That’s almost every night this month! When will this project of yours end?”

 Man: “I’ll talk to you when I get home. Bye!”

*Hangs up*

10 pm

Man on text message: “Leaving office now. See you in an hour.”

11 pm

The lock on the door clicks and the man walks into the apartment to see his wife waiting with the dinner on the table. 

“I am sorry honey, an issue came up on the project at the last minute and the boss wasn’t happy at all. I had to make sure it was resolved before I left.” he says. 

“It’s ok. I’ll heat the food for you.” the wife wearily replies.

“DADDY!!!”, a little voice suddenly exclaims from the other room, breaking the eerily silence in the room.

A toddler runs out of the darkness and straight into the man’s lap who gives an irritated look to his wife in the kitchen. 

“Will you tell me a bed-time story, daddy?”, asks the little one. 

“Sure!”, the man replies trying to hide his fatigue.

11:15 pm

“…. And they lived happily ever after”, the man says finishing the made-up fairy tale.

“Yawn! I love you daddy. You are so much fun!” says the little girl before putting her head on her father’s shoulder. 

The wife walks back into the room just as the man’s eyes well up.

Perhaps life is only worth living because of the people who love us for who we are and not what we can do for them!