10431534_10155349451415232_6969108929982193133_nThis morning I saw my Facebook feed flooded with posts about Mother’s Day as different brands look to cash in on a day designated for the celebration of mothers around the world. Google tells me that this day (which was probably created by a marketer) is being celebrated in the US and certain other countries on Sunday, 14 May 2017. However, Mother’s Day was celebrated in the UK and Ireland on 26 March 2017 (you can find out why by clicking here).

Anyhow, seeing all the posts and messages that are being (and will be) posted to various social media platforms regarding Mother’s Day makes me question why someone would only want to celebrate the most important woman in their life only once in 365 days?

While I do feel that Mother’s Day (whatever day its on!) is a good reminder for us all to make our mums feel special, however, I also feel that people should not need such a reminder to actually let their mothers know how much they value her.

I mean, the woman who carried you inside her for 9 months, the woman who stayed up for countless hours to make sure you slept soundly, the woman who loves you more than anything in the world and the woman who cherishes your mere existence every single day deserves more than just a day of celebration!

Don’t let the marketers fool you! Every day is Mother’s Day and every day is Father’s Day and Siblings’ Day and Children’s Day and so on…

So if or when you buy a Mother’s Day card or bouquet this weekend, make sure you promise yourself to keep letting your mummy, daddy, bro, sis, baby etc know how much they mean to you on a more regular basis!