This Artist’s Illustrations Will Give You A Different Perspective On Things

Shahzaib Hussain is a young Pakistani artist who shares his illustrations through his facebook page Shahzaib Hussain ART. I have been a fan of his page for a while now and love the way he puts a positive spin on everyday life and events.

Below are some of his posts which will make you smile and think about normal things that we all see and do in a different way!

If you like the comics below then do give his page a like!

It all starts with Monday! 


His take on technology is definitely on point! 


If only people understood his message on resolving problems with one another! 

EgoEgo - The real problem

Family is definitely the most important thing in the world…

FathersMothersSistersMothers and fathers

Here’s his funny take on food!  


New Years Resolution

If only we all knew…

Never happy

And don’t we all do this! 


All images in this post are property of Shahzaib Hussain ART and have been used with permission from the artist. 


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