Last week at the Mobile World Congress it was announced that the Nokia 3310 mobile phone will be relaunched by HMD Global, the firm that has licensed the Nokia brand name. Ever since then, the internet has gone into a frenzy with social media gushing with posts about the return of one of the most iconic mobile phones of the 2000’s.

The revamped version of the phone which was originally launched in September 2000 is still a ‘dumb phone’ or more respectfully a ‘feature phone’ with an alphanumeric keyboard and no touchscreen. The upgrades from the original version though include a 2G internet connection, a 2 megapixel camera and  16MB of internal memory – which can be expanded up to 32 GB with a microSD card.

The phone will also come with a newer version of the iconic ‘Snake’ game and boasts a phenomenal battery life with a talk time of 22 hours and a month long stand-by. However, the most intriguing thing is the buzz about this simple phone which has been relaunched in an age where phones are getting smarter and faster by the minute.

It remains to be seen what the sales for the phone will be but the initial reactions on social media have been very positive and below are some reasons which may be the cause for excitement around the relaunch of the Nokia 3310:

The original Nokia 3310


For a lot of people growing up in the 2000’s, a Nokia phone was the first mobile phone they got their hands on so the return of one of the icons of the generation definitely evokes a feeling of nostalgia among the masses.

People want to disconnect 

Being connected to the internet, email and social media can often become very overwhelming for a lot of people so one of the reasons for being excited about a ‘dumb phone’ might be that people want to disconnect from everyday happenings of the digital world. The new phone may remind them of a simpler time when mobile phones were only good for making calls and texting!


The price for the new model has been quoted as €49 which makes the phone very affordable. People who already have a smartphone may look to the new Nokia 3310 as a back-up phone and the low price also makes it an attractive option for people looking to buy their first mobile phone specially in the developing world where smartphone use is still growing slowly.

The new Nokia 3310

People see it as a ‘retro’ collector’s item

One of the reasons for the excitement over the relaunch may be the fact that people take the newer version of the phone as a ‘retro’ collector’s item with owning one of the new sets being considered ‘cool’!

All smartphone now have the same features

The smartphone market is now getting very saturated and every phone has similar features. There is very little new innovation being done in the smartphones hitting the markets lately. So perhaps people are going ‘back to the future’ and thinking of the old as the new!

Whatever the reason is for the anticipation over the launch of the new Nokia 3310, it is quite clear that the Nokia brand is back in the mobile phone market. HMD Global have also announced a number of Android phones along with the Nokia 3310 and it will be interesting to see if the brand will get back to the heights of popularity which it saw in the 2000’s.